TRB Webinar Presentation Guidance

These guidelines will be disseminated to webinar panelists and moderators upon receipt of their webinar suggestion.

The webinar suggestion form should be completed prior to scheduling a webinar. Please note that the form is hosted on Google Forms, a website that is not operated by NAS.  NAS is not responsible for content or operation of Google Forms's website and if you wish to complete a form you will be subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of Google Forms.

TRB Webinar Overview
Elaine Ferrell or Steve Andreadis will provide the ability for each panelist to share his or her computer screens with the audience. Panelists will launch the PowerPoint slides and advance their own presentations, which are saved on their own computers, during the session.  

All of the audience members are muted during the webinar. They may pose questions to panelists by typing and submitting them to our question and answer moderator at any time during the session. Webinars last either 90 or 120 minutes.

Webinar FAQs
  1. How much time do I have to prepare for the webinar, and how long does the entire process take?
    • When you submit a webinar suggestion, you will hear back from a TRB staff member a couple weeks after the deadline has passed. If your webinar is accepted, a month or season in which to host your webinar will be suggested, and the scheduling process will begin approximately three months before that suggestion. When the date has been solidified, a practice session will also be scheduled a few days before the live webinar. Expect to designate an hour for the practice session and between two and two-and-a-half hours for the live webinar. A TRB staff member will ask you for your slides one week prior to the webinar to ensure that they meet TRB standards. You can begin preparing slides at any point.

  2. Do I advance my own slides?
    • Yes. During the practice session, a TRB staff member will show you how to control your own slides, so you are able to show your presentation to the audience at your own pace from your own computer.

  3. Can I use videos or animations in my presentations?
    • Unfortunately, no videos may be used, as it causes the software to run very slowly. However, you may include a link to a YouTube video or other video file that the audience can view later. Short animations can be used only if they are not too complex. Please keep in mind that they may slow down during a live session due to bandwidth.

  4. How long should my presentation be?
    • TRB Webinars are either 90 or 120 minutes, 30 minutes of which is dedicated to a question and answer session. We want to be sure every presenter has enough time for their portion. So for 90 minute presentations, we allow an hour for presenters, split evenly (roughly). Therefore, if you are participating in a 90 minute webinar with 2 other presenters, you should plan on a 20 minute presentation.

  5. Can I get PDH credits for presenting?
    • Yes. Presenters are awarded double PDH credits. If you wish to receive PDH credits, simply send the staff member organizing the webinar an email with your interest.

  6. How do I sign into the webinar?
    • A TRB staff member will send you a link to your specific webinar information through GoToWebinar’s interface. This link is unique to you, so we ask that you do not share it with anyone else. In the days leading up to the webinar, you will be sent reminders with the same link. All you have to do is click the link and you should be able to log into the webinar. The software will be automatically downloaded to your computer, unless you have a firewall. We suggest you download the software ahead of time to make sure it is compatible with your system.

  7. What is the role of the moderator?
    • The moderator typically does not present information. Instead, he or she monitors the question and answer session in the last 30 minutes. He or she chooses which questions to address, how to prioritize questions, and which presenter will answer which questions. The moderator is also awarded PDH credits, but because he or she is not preparing information, the credits are not doubled.

  8. Can I invite colleagues to view the webinar?
    • Yes. Each presenter is allowed one free guest pass per webinar. If your colleague belongs to one of TRB’s sponsoring organizations, they will be able to view it for free regardless.

  9. Can I know who is in the audience or how many people will be watching before I begin my presentation?
    • Unfortunately, no. TRB staff does not have the capability of knowing who or how many will attend the webinar before it begins, because we cannot guarantee that everyone who has registered will attend. We know roughly which organizations may be represented, but cannot discern the specific job titles of attendees. All presenters will receive the complete attendee list following the webinar.

  10. Do attendees see my slides before the webinar?
    • Yes. Two days before the live webinar, TRB staff sends an email to everyone who registered with a link to all slides. If you wish to include supplemental information, this link will be provided in the reminder email as well.

  11. Can I see the audience’s questions?
    • No. Unless you are the moderator, you will not be able to see what audience members are asking. The moderator will read all questions aloud, and presenters will answer them verbally. The audience also cannot see the questions that were asked by other attendees. After the webinar is over, a TRB staff member will send you data about the webinar, including all questions that were asked.

  12. Will the webinar be available after the live presentations?
    • Yes. All TRB webinars are recorded. You will be sent the recording a few days after the webinar. You may share the recording amongst your organization, but it should not be shared externally.

  13. Can I use my company logo in my presentation?
    • No. Since TRB offers credits for its webinars, we must follow the Registered Continuing Education Program (RCEP) guidelines, which dictate that company logos are not allowed. However, if you send a TRB staff member a .jpg of your logo, TRB will attach it to the last slide of the presentation, which a TRB staff member will control.

  14. Can I use any logos in my presentation?
    • TRB does not recommend the use of any logos due to RCEP guidelines. However, if you have data from another organization that you wish to cite, you can use the organization’s name on the slide, but not their logo.

  15. Is there a standard slide format?
    • No, TRB does not require a specific slide format. We recommend that you use fonts and colors that are easy to read, and not have too much text on one slide. Some presenters choose to match their slide format to those of the other panelists, but this is not required.
    Recommended Webinar Software Practices
    TRB recommends that panelists participate from their own individual offices. GoToWebinar software will enable presenters to share their computer screens with the audience. This differs from some webinar software that uploads presentations to a central, online location.

    Panelists can use the telephone or Voice-Over Internet (computer microphone and headset) for their audio connection. If you plan to use voice-over-internet, please consider GoToWebinar's recommended audio devices. You will need to use a telephone handset or a telephone headset with microphone.  

    Please do not use speaker phone or computer speakers. Speaker phone creates feedback that can be heard by audience members, and it is picked up on the recording.  

    Preparing for your webinar
    TRB would like to email your presentation slides to audience members prior to the webinar. Please prepare to email your slides to Elaine Ferrell,, or Steve Andreadis,, one week in advance of the webinar.
    To prepare for the webinar, TRB has a two-step training process to help our panelists and moderators learn how to prepare for the webinar. First, panelists/moderators should view the online tutorial below one to two weeks before you create your slides.

    Second, panelists and moderators must attend a live practice session a few days prior to the webinar to demonstrate using the webinar technology. The practice is generally not a dry run-through of the presentation; instead, panelists and moderators will learn how to use the software. The practice session lasts approximately 60 minutes.

    Professional Development Hour Information
    If TRB is providing Professional Development Hours, all presenters must read and sign the Presenter Quality Commitment Form.
    Presentation Guidance
    1. The presenters’ material must support the learning outcomes, and the overall presentation must cover all the learning objectives of the webinar.
    2. During the webinar, presenters should verbally remind attendees about the webinar learning objectives, and how their presentation is meeting these objectives.
    3. Limit the number of speakers to 5 maximum, including the moderator.
    4. Speakers should not read slide material verbatim, other than for specific emphasis.
    5. Any introduction to presenters should provide only brief credentials, if to be read by the first presenter or moderator. Presenters and moderators have the option of introducing presenters, or having TRB introduce the presenters.
    6. Your presentation will be timed, and you will be asked to wrap up your remarks if you exceed your allocated presentation time frame.
    Pictures and Copyright
    1. If a presenter takes any pictures or graphics from a source that is not public domain, he or she must obtain copyright permission.
    2. Presenters should use pictures and/or graphics, even if no pictures were taken in the project. If presenters have trouble finding images, they can go to: