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TRB Webinars provide an opportunity to share and discuss ongoing work associated with TRB Standing Technical Committees and their respective topic areas, as well as research from TRB’s Cooperative Research Programs. Proposed webinars should reflect the scope of the sponsoring Committee(s). Prior to submission proposed webinars must be reviewed and approved by the Chair of at least one current Standing Technical Committee. If the webinar is solely based upon a CRP report, the staff officer assigned to that report must sign off on the webinar proposal.

TRB seeks to present a program of webinars that includes diverse perspectives, in both content and speakers. Therefore, webinars that address transportation issues from the point of view of different demographic and geographic perspectives and that include speakers representing diverse demographic groups and geographic areas are favored.

Submission Check List

Before submitting your webinar suggestion, you will need to have the following information at your ready: Please note that all presenters and moderators will be required to complete and submit a copyright license and release form to participate in a TRB webinar. To preview a version of the form go to The form may not be completed by presenters and moderator until after the webinar is accepted and slotted.
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TRB accepts webinar suggestions on a year round basis. Forms are processed and webinars are scheduled on the following annual cycle:

Policies for Webinar Submissions